Classic Rocking Chair

About the Classic Rocking Chair

This Maloof designed rocking chair is the perfect combination of beauty and comfort. A work of art that is both functional and elegant.  From the scooped headrest to the long sweeping rockers, your eye is drawn to every joint, surface and sensual detail.

On Meeting Sam Maloof

Back in January of 2003, I was fortunate enough to spend a day in the workshop with the legendary Sam Maloof. Here Mr. Maloof discussed the various techniques he's learned over the years, and those used in building the Maloof rocking chair. I have to say, Sam is one of the nicest and most generous persons I've ever met.

More Information

Custom rocking chair therapy: This article provides insight and information on the benefits of rockers. This includes topics for nursing mothers, why we rock to stay young, and more on how it's an enjoyable way to lose weight. We are committed to researching the topic and providing as much information as possible.
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Chair shown in Claro Walnut.
Photo of Classic Rocking Chair in Claro Walnut