Each morning, I rarely am without a good cup of coffee in my hand.  In the evening, I am rarely without a good glass of scotch (but that’s another story).  I am VERY pleased to announce our very first coffee mug, especially for woodworkers and their big, manly hands (isn’t there something said about the size of a man’s hands? Hmmmm...I forget).  Anyway, this mug features my good buddy, Bubba Inga (get it?) as he was busted for an illegal sawdust-blood level content (he was 4%, well over the legal limit).  His Mug Shot (I crack myself up) will surely be found on websites across the country for years to come.

This hearty coffee mug is the first in a series featuring various woodworkers in “compromising” situations.  What can I say, like many woodworkers, I have a “unique” sense of humor.

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Not your mother's coffee mug!
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