The Marketing Ideas and Strategies Guide for Woodworkers.  My Experiences Thinking Outside the Workshop, by Scott Morrison.  This eBook will explain how to successfully market your work.  Based on my own experiences, it guides you through the steps to have your work seen by your target market and how to take advantage of the numerous marketing outlets and opportunities available today.

But this is not only designed for the professional woodworker.  Even the hobbyist, hoping to get a little well deserved attention for their hard work, can benefit from these methods.
Marketing Ideas and Strategies for Woodworkers
Experiences Thinking Outside the Workshop

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"I purchased your Marketing PDF. Book and can honestly say I am impressed. I have a background in Marketing and video production. After seeing your website and learning a little about you and your “business” I can imagine the adventure you have had perfecting your image. Just watching your video tells me it wasn’t the “1st take”

Enough rambling. Your book and work behind it is appreciated! Most Marketing type books out there are a quick, get to the money listing of steps that might or might not work depending on your situation. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to speak of the important things like quality, heirloom, workmanship, honor, integrity, you get the idea. The substance of who and what we are is so important in building something of quality whether it be a piece of furniture or a marketing plan. If your gonna do it, might as well do it right! huh? lol

"Scott I bought your book on Tuesday and read it Wednesday night on a long flight. It was a great investment of my $9.95 and gave me ALOT of good ideas going into my first show this spring. Wish I lived out west so I could take a tour of your shop and see your work first hand.

FYI don't read a book at night on a plane on an iPhone, tends to hurt your eyes."
"The book was good reading material and very informative. I told you pigs fly!!

Couple questions:
1. What information do you put on your business card. Any chance of getting a scanned copy?
2. Have you ever used a rotating table to show your rocker at a show?